Facility Expansion

Over the next year, we’ll see a lot of changes in and around Hardy School. This section will help keep parents and the community informed. Along with the overview, the Facility Expansion section includes a timeline, FAQ section and a contact page. Stay tuned for a News page that we’ll start to update as expansion progress happens.


​Due to increasing student enrollment (both past and projected future), The Hardy School facility is getting some upgrades! There are essentially three components to this, which are being funded and planned separately:

  • Classroom addition: Each of the incoming kindergarten grades for the past four years has been large enough to need four classrooms (up from three classrooms per grade previously), and grades K – 3 now all have four classrooms per grade. This is expected to continue, so to accommodate the increasing number of students, six new classrooms are being added to the school.
  • Lake Street playground: The increasing enrollment has meant that the current playground does not safely accommodate all of our students throughout the day, and the addition is only going to make that space smaller. To increase the playground capacity, new equipment is going to be installed on the Lake Street side of the school.
  • Chandler Street playground: The existing Chandler Street playground was designed and installed as part of the 2001 renovation of the school. When the equipment was chosen and land use was determined, 270 students were enrolled; since then, the student population has increased to 455, with no significant change in playground equipment or outdoor space configuration — and that space is going to shrink with the new addition. The new equipment on the Lake Street side will help, but a comprehensive update to the outdoor space on the Chandler Street side of the school is needed as well, and the early stages of that process are underway.​

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