Hardy PTO Meeting Minutes!

            <div class="paragraph" style="text-align:left;"><span style="text-decoration:none; font-style:normal; font-weight:400; color:rgb(102, 102, 102); "><span style="text-decoration:none; font-style:normal; font-weight:400; color:rgb(102, 102, 102); "><span style="text-decoration:none; font-style:normal; font-weight:400; color:rgb(102, 102, 102); "><span style="text-decoration:none; font-style:normal; font-weight:400; color:rgb(102, 102, 102); "><span style="text-decoration:none; font-style:normal; font-weight:400; color:rgb(102, 102, 102); ">                                            <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>September 15, 2014</span></strong><br /><span style=""></span>&gt;Next Meeting: October 7, 2014<strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span></strong><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!</span></strong><br /><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Presidents: Jenn Irvine and Kevin Fudge</span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Treasury: Andy Forbes and Jennifer Lewis-Forbes</span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Jenn Irvine (JI): The PTO bulletin board is on playground. So look there for news. News also updated online!</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span> <strong>PRINCIPAL REPORT</strong><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Principal (KD): Teachers are really owning it. I'm really proud. Anything else you want to know about?</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>I'm sure everyone is talking about the clocks. Grid work is happening at night so they reset clocks every night. KD tries to reset but sometimes that makes them go more crazy. "I might wait until the weekend to reset." </span><br /><br /><span style=""></span> <span style="" font-family:helvetica>...next on agenda…</span><br /><span style=""></span>   <span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>EVENTS</span></strong><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>A whole lot of them. We've been through four events since start of school. Next up ice cream</span><br /><span style=""></span>   <span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span> <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>ICE CREAM SOCIAL</span></strong><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Heather: Last I checked, the weather is looking better. Chance of thunder showers. If that is case - we’ll move it inside. Logistical fun but it works.</span><br /><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>One thing - we desperately need volunteers. Typically fifth graders help. And we recruited a few to announce help. All three fifth grade teachers turned in a few names of more kids to help. Needed: check in table, clean up, set up, scoop volunteers. </span><br /><span style=""></span>   <span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Question: My fifth grader came home saying when she was going to be there. </span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Answer: If you kid volunteered, you'll get an email with the time they should be there.</span><br /><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Principal is volunteering to scoop! We hand out cups for a dollar which is an unlimited amount of scoops. </span><br /><span style=""></span><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>BACK to SCHOOL Sept 17</span></strong><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>JI: What happens. Parents meet teacher and a big PTO push. Last year worked well to collect new volunteers. PTO members are in the cafeteria during downtime to have parents sign up.</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Our PTO isn't a fundraiser. We aren't all about making money. We are about building a community. We make money but we what we really push is that we want parents to be part of this community. Half hour to scoop ice cream? Great. Bake cookies once? Great. You are now part of the community. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors.</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>KD: Last year I spoke last during Back To School. Everybody stayed but I was here on my first year so they wanted to check me out. This year, I like going around to presentations and then reference them in my end of night speech. So lets keep the format the same. </span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>JI: Really important for new parents to reach out along with old parents. We all have to reach out. If you feel like doing a big event. Great. If not, do what you can.</span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Andy: The directory. We will have a draft of directory. And update teachers by grade and Pete has Google survey to update information. Last year we did this via iPad and computer at the Back to School night so new parents and just moved parents can sign up for the directory. Table for AEF? </span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>JI: We need lots of bodies. PTO is sending out a Sign-up Genius. Events coordinator? Make a sign to let people know what committee is there to sign up for. </span><br /><span style=""></span><span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>PICTURE DAY<span style="">  </span>Sept 19</span></strong><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Info in mailboxes Wednesday. Kevin and Jenn are running picture day. Need volunteers - parent goes to class to walk them down. Another parent is with photogs to help. Sign-up Genius coming. </span><br /><span style=""></span>   <span style="" font-family:helvetica></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>HARVEST FEST Sept 27</span></strong><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>JI. Second annual. Truckload of 300 pumpkins and sell them. Fifth graders help with a paint table for painting pumpkins. Guess the weight for heaviest one! Paint pumpkin! Hot cider! Volunteers: unloading pumpkins, taking money, serving hot cider, paint table. Sign up genius coming</span><br /><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <strong style=""><span style="" font-family:helvetica>BOOK FAIR</span></strong><span style=""></span><br /><span style=""></span>  <span style="" font-family:helvetica>Patty: Margaret has given feedback and is contacting best book fairs companies. Five days during school. One afternoon or more and an evening event - needs planning and staffing. Also need help on those five days during school time. Kids come during classes. You can send your kid with cash or send them out with a wish list and return at night with child to buy. Parents welcome to come during class time. Teachers also write thei

r own wish list so if parents want to give gift in family name – that will be in the library.

FYI: District gives $0 dollars for purchasing books.

Election today. No bake sale.

Baker chair Lisa Poello.
Goal – list of 200 names for cookies or baking. Then she can go down the list and each person does one baking job. Lisa is in charge of bake sale. Fifth grader girl scouts are running bake sale for community service hours. Girl scouts / PTO split  cash. GS donate their cash to charity.
New event! Kindergarten parent Michal coordinating with fifth grade.
Sell tables at premium to crafters and lower range for kids.

Big giving board tree. Little signs with wish list for Arlington kids in need. JI says “Awesome to do – get it all together and then bring it to drop off.”

5th graders:
-decide shape of tag
-contact organizer Mary DeCorsi for stickers
-coordinate with 5th grade teachers to make tags, cut, hang tags. Kids do the work.

Want to feel warm and fuzzy? Do the Giving Tree.
Amy Reese says: Can K and 5 buddies do it together?
JI: If you pick up an event it has a folder from last year so all info you need is there!

Michelle and Brian.

Skipping because we need to talk dates. Align with math week? Talking to council.

Sort of new. ACA space was turned into date night into a speak easy. Everyone came in flapper dresses. Swing dancers came to teach us. Not to make money. Just community building. Have fun.

Can we have a multi-school one at the town hall? May be too difficult. Bishop has one at Town Hall. They may feel slighted. Good idea. We are talking about it.

Need a committee. Jenn Souce (sp?) is back on! She is leading

Mickey. Kindergarten does this.

We talked last year about alternating these two events by years. Last year we didn’t have a fair but we did have a Science BBQ. Technically we should be doing int’l fair. Thompson does a big one so that is why Hardy has one. Lot of work, lots of fun. Thompson was last year – international should be this year.

JI: Here is the issue. Cedrine Bell (science gal) – she wants a science fair as well. She will be talking to principal. How about you highlight an international science per a country. Or with Game night?

KD- Kids should see what a science fair is about. Maybe the kids should be in charge of making tables. We don’t want the tri-fold explanation poster format.

JI says we need to channel science fair somehow.

TEACHER APPRECIATION : April 6-10 Jill Swilling did last year.
Last year did it in March because May is full of chaos (MCAS). Teachers want it in April. Then can keep up. Door covers go up and every door has decoration. Teachers don’t see it until they get to work. Tears! Love! We give apples as they arrive, ice cream social, breakfast, we pamper them. Flowers on desk. Lots of ideas online. Especially for decoration.

Danielle and Bethany are in on committee.

Melissa Jacobs helping.

Year 5. One fundraising event of year. Kids walk around school and they get pledges for how many rounds around building. Jen gave $1 lap for kid. Then each lap, kids get a bracelet. Super hero theme

Jen and Susan are on it.

MATH Night is only one not planned because we need a date.
2/27 is the natural p so has mathematical significance.

Ice Cream social: we need someone to sell sweatshirts. Danielle is helping! If you have a few minutes and you want to come over and sell sweatshirts? Great come over.

Andy: We put together a budget with principal and teacher input. The larger categories instructional materials and equipment and enrichment. Sense of what we want to spend money on this year:

Materials. Claire B reading specialist orders materials for 4th and 5th graders.

Weebly websites. PTO picks up the cost for the Hardy School website..

Equipment. Fans for gym, bulletin boards in show-it-off alley, playground stencils.

JI says: We have stencils! Peter Westhead is putting them on playground but couldn’t this summer because of the window work. So we couldn’t get on playground. We tried right before school but now needs to do weekends and nights.

Enrichment. Sometimes we do all school enrichment assemblies. Most years we do grade level. This year is experiential learning along with grade level stuff.

Other PTO-funded events: Puppet show, concert for fourth grade at town hall.

We’ve had a fair amount of activities in September. We give $200 to teachers for supplies for classroom. Some teachers already submitted requests. Teacher breakfast. Trying to bring online new classrooms so we pitched in for rug and some supplies. Piano tuned.

We have first appeal money – matching from last year but came in over summer.  First PayPal donation today! We can support Hardy passively via amazon click while shopping. PTO gets 4-15% for no extra money to you spent. Other: BoxTops – watch out for sheets in backpack.

Aimee: click on Amazon with smile. Better to click on website. Don’t click on smile. Go on click through vs registering for Amazon smile. Just beware of smile vs click through.

Approve 2014-15 budget?
Motion to pass budget
Heather moves to pass.
Pete seconds.
All voting members in favor raise hand.
Opposed? none.

Bylaw Approval – skip to next month.

Kevin – less text heavy on appeal letter. Less click through – so click right from PDF vs multiple clicks. The letter comes home with benefactor letter – pay $150 and you get all events for free! As a benefactor you get that great benefit. And a button? No.

T-shirt fee for field trips and ordering
Michael: Last year we implemented a $15 field trip fee. PTO always paid for field trips so parents don’t pay for that. But it was cutting into other things like enrichment.

Last year, we had them early so all field trips can use the shirts. Order them tonight – 395 shirts now and at Back to School night we sell them. You do get a flyer later if you want to purchase them. This separates $15 T-shirt fee from the annual appeal. Can take credit card and such on site.

Have class lists on back to school night. Then we can check off those who buy on back to school night aren’t asked again. Figure out logistics especially the tracking. Each VP will be at class table with class t-shirts.

No adult sizes this year. Too much of a bother.

Motion to approve this idea of purchase 395 shirts and sell on back to school night.
Michelle makes it.
Heather seconds.
Favor – hands up.
Opposed? none
Abstention? none

Michael is sending JI the spreadsheet

Ann raised $1500 this summer for school supplies. She orders and picks up the teacher supplies for start of school and the remaining money goes back to PTO.

School Store ideas
Established : school spirit and s
chool wear?

Setting up store with 4th and 5th graders. That would go with experiential math learning.

JI is at garden Weds morning. Girls Scouts are taking it on for badges. Gardener Christiana is still around but we need a full timer.

Teacher lounge.
Redid it since it moved and it is cool. Super walked through and said “what is this room” She said “I love the color, I might do this in my florida house.” We’ll do a walk through and see what they can do like copying.

Wait until next month. Amy R social worker will take bigger fifth grade responsibility with safety patrol on playground, getting kids to classes, etc. helping outside at beginning of day. Leadership stuff.

School committee: questions?
They are sending out a survey. If you have a good question in terms of giving useful feedback to administration.

Next meeting is on Oct. 7, 2014.