March 3, 2015 PTO Minutes

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March 3, 2015
>Next Meeting: April 7, 2015
Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!

Presidents: Jenn Irvine and Kevin Fudge
Treasury: Andy Forbes and Jennifer Lewis-Forbes
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans

Report cards on March 20th.
Responsive Classroom 
What are common core standards.? What does it mean how does it translate into curriculum? For parents in the fall, the elementary school will have handout which talks about rules, etc. – curriculum based information.

Math Week? Given the snow days, June will go on forever so we are looking at having math week in first week : June 1-5. And what we’ll be doing – different than last year – last year we had one match morning with entire school. This year three math mornings K-2, 2-3 and 4-5. More time for questions and such. Also the problems for parents should be more grade-appropriate. Then the grade level math morning – parents can go to class to see math. And kids in PM will do math hands-on activity.  Last year – ipad scavenger hunt to find, 3-4 is measurement , smoots last year 4-5.  So one day of math!  On Friday rather than all-school assembly, K-1 will be PlayDoh classroom making. Smaller assembly for 2-3 –oragami by fraction. 4-5 grade is an estimation activity that shows average of estimates of candy jar better than any one guess.

Scheduling the school Day. Ideas about changing scheduling in day with main purpose being consistentand using PD time efficiently during day for teachers. School committee and union and admin working on it. (this would be like half day Thursday every Thursday). What Principal can say: One early release a week – like on a Tuesday. Probably stays at Tuesday with 1:00p dismissal. We would add on 20 minutes to M, W, TH, F – means 2:30p or such dismissal. For parents
 – consistency of schedule. And teachers would have all meetings on that Tuesday. Data, content area, staff, curriculum. Rather than data meetings with subs in classes during week. These subs move around the school once a month.  Union and teachers are trending positive. Admin trending and school committee trending positive. 

Morning Drop Off – working okay but as snow melts we’ll eliminate routine. Staff was great to meet kids. 

Q: How about rolling dropoff on Chandler? Maybe even change Kindergarten? 
A: No because teachers don’t get paid until 8am. Anyone early and they are prepping rooms.

Q from Andy: Programs for enrichment money? Can we spend money?
A from Principal: Hoping we can use it for origami project. Tomorrow we have an admin meeting so we’ll figure out enrichment possibilities. Next year good to have an enrichment committee or maybe a pot for each grade with 3-4 criteria to help define eligible programs.  Inquiry-based enrichment activities is part of school goal  (Japanese storytelling, Colonial Day, Legoland and engineering). Issue is that some is free so money not needed for those programs. We have only spent $165 out of $5000. Goal is interactive. Interactive engagement should be part of criteria. Other criteria notes:
-Common core
-teacher- buy in
-parent assistance
-Innovate of current curriculum
-hands on
Kevin and Jenn to present enrichment ideas at staff meeting.

6:50 PTO EVENTS  2015
Michelle did great with Movie Night. Capitol Theater donated popcorn and first graders made thank you card. Bills coming in so probably broke even.

Super Pi Day 3.14.15 9:26:53 any interest??? – Super Pi Day. Pete will help with that says wife Sarah.

Literacy Night Mickey (K) April 2 – Elephant and Piggy is theme (Mo Williems). 

Teacher Appreciation Week April 6-10 (Danielle/Bethany) –Because of MCAS. Teachers will have lunch? Okay but mindful of schedule. No testing on Friday 10. But breakfast is that day? Weds is make up day. Minimal testing on 8th.  Coordinating with principal.

Winter Concert/Art Show 4/16 at 9a (Need bakers and sign up genius) Principal will cause snow because she said “we won’t have to worry about snow”! Concert is in the morning. Art set up in hallway – you can look at it before, listen to music, go back to look at art! Bishop did it and was good success.

Jump/Walk-a-thon May 2 to May 22  (Melissa Jacobs)

5th grade flower sale 5/9
Colonial Day TBD June
5th grade graduation 6/17
>5th grade graduation 6/17 at 7p. Principal says we can’t have it at night. But alerts sent out. Talking needs to ha
ppen. Duck Tour is 6/18. Then Memory book day on 6/19. Car wash 6/16.

Field Day 6/5 (1st) Michael/Vic report Push this until the 6/12. Conflicts with math week.
Family BBQ from 6/16 to 6/22

Playground: talked about spring painting, signage and supporting behavior rules.

Principal says Stratton will be rebuild 2017. Most likely we will house students. If we continue to grow we don’t have extra rooms. Music and art stays!. What is tossed in planning phases is modulars at different schools. So we might house students in modulars. So lets not do map and circle painting on playground right now. And Principal wants tree and cement circles to be removed. Maybe we have time for capital planning time with the Stratton issue.

Nice thing is that Michael Hanan and I have been doing a lot with responsive classroom. So might be cool to have the Stratton responsive teachers here. The rebuild is only one year (vs two year for Thompson). Stratton 4-5 would go to ottoson. K-1 to bishop. And 2-3 here. Thompson has no room for modular so can’t take kids.

Appeal letter/Field Trip request
We are at 85% at shirts. Of 135 ordered we only have to order extra 40. Then she’ll give Jaime and other teachers a bag with a list of names/sizes and shirts.

Picture – school pictures. Three year Hayward contract is up. Online Proofing! 25% commission! Hayward is trying. Coffee Pond is also pushing. More expensive and better quality. Barksdale is like Hayward quality.  Jenn and Cheryl presenting in June and we’ll vote.

Board Job Descriptions/Nominations/Elections – Jenn is doing the president one.
How do we like the five VP positions? The VP system is good just tough to get volunteers. Do we incentive parents to help (button making – kids get a button for helping. Nominations in May. Elections are in June. Offer an outside draw for PTO meeting. Like the superintendent comes to talk about something specific.

7:55 Wrap up/Schedule April Meeting.
Next meeting on April 7