Hardy PTO September Minutes

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September 2015 – General Meeting Notes
Tuesday Sept 15 6:30p in the school library
Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!

Presidents: Cedrine Bell
Treasury: Lee Powers
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans
Communications: Jill Swilling
Meeting called to order by President Cedrine Bell
Attendance: There were 22 number of members in attendance; a quorum was reached. No guests in attendance.
Minutes: not approved
Principal Report  from  6:40-7:00  
Lunch and recess on Tuesday  is until 1:00pm. First graders cannot talk to parents during recess – which is after lunch – until they are released on that early release day. 

Stratton is not coming to Hardy next year. Students and temporary modules are staying at Stratton.  We have space! But not for long. Kindergarten and fifth graders in lunch – one seat only for each student. And fifth is two classes. Moving forward, we will never have another grade with just two classes. Always three and four. So we will need space.
Gibbs may not be the answer for middle school. Lots of good community programs there. We are all in discussions. In terms of playgrounds, we should fix it. But lets not make a new playground because we may need to build out. We need to be planful and mindful. We could figure out the Lake Street yard. We need to be vigilant about fixing the existing one but think about new build for future.. 
60K was just for repair. That playground was done in the last school rehab. Lets say we add to building? That is another time for capital planning so we can put in a new playground. But that isn’t for 4-5 years from now. So that doesn’t help us now.
Kid President might be here! He travels. He is awesome.
Open House – Oct 8 at  6:30 – 8p
Single presentations. We will figure out schedule to make sure parents can visit with the PTO, specialist and teachers.
Kindergarten first day comments:
Lets make the signs taller because no one can see them!
One new parent said drop off was fantastic! Very orderly. You all did a great job.
Ask me! Buttons and label the doors as to where to go.

Thank yous (Cédrine)
To the tour guides and bakers and coffee makers! Makes the welcome better for everyone.
Kindergarten and 3rd grade VP—any takers? Can be one or two people.

Grade VPs: 
 Kindergarten:  Terry Holt  and  Stephanie Hodge 
1st grade:   Amy Reese  and  Danielle Sullivan 
3rd grade: TBD
The parent liaison between PTO and classroom parents. One person per grade.
-for example: no classroom parents at meeting. VP emails four parents for K grade and says “hey do you want to sign up?” Giving out information. We need you to participate. Also help grade level event. So Ice Cream Social – Jen is VP for 5th so she helps the room parents find volunteers and other help.
-Spread the word!

Ice-cream social (Fri. 9/18, 6-7:30 p.m.) Jen Erbe $1 cup.
-ice cream is set. We should have enough kids to scope but need some adults!
-teachers can scoop, too.
-extra scoop day the next week at afterschool or something?
Picture Day (Thurs. 10/1, school day) Jennifer Roderick
-Meeting with Kristen on 9/16 re: make up date and such
-need parent volunteers (two parents per class K-2, 3-4 1-2 per class)

Harvest Fest (Sat. 10/3, afternoon) Any takers? Jenn Irvine will help!
This is the only event where the community emails principal and say thank you for such a lovely event and a chance to buy the pumpkin!

Back to School Night (Thurs. 10/8, time?)
PTO is in the cafeteria.

Bookfair (Nov., hopefully 1st week) Need a committee for the fair part; Jill Swilling and Amy Reese have expressed interest, but need 3 more volunteers. The author night will be separated from the event and will be hosted by a grade.
-Patty is helping / she did it last year.

Author Night (Nov., evening)

Giving “Wall” (2 weeks following Thanksgiving) Amy Reese & 5th Graders

Game night/Dance/Beach Party (Jan.)

Movie Night (Feb.) – 2nd Grade Ann Chhabra and Moya Charig

Literacy Night (March) 4th Eva Bittecker and Darcy
Walk a thon (May) 1st grade

International Fest- some interest from Lee Powers, treasurer. Contact him if you’re interested, b/c this event would need a committee.

Field Day (June) Victoria Arthur and Michael Leen
BBQ (June) Need committee

-Jill Swilling
Issue: finding room parent is difficult. Then being a good communicator is difficult.
Solutions: Room parent needs to be in PTO meeting. Find the parent before school starts!
We should have max of two per class. Deadline is end of September so they show up on Oct. 6 meeting.
Treasurer REPORT
7:40-7:50 Treasurer Report
He took an average of last three years of reports and here we go.
Proposed $37,000.
-bought some elmos (projectors and stuff) for every classroom $4000
-contingency fund of $1000
-teacher training $500 request from KD
-KD asks about printing for What we do here” responsive thinking, social thinking, curriculum, development yardsticks. How Hardy works. Would like to print for afterschool night.
425 kids but you need one per family. Probably about 400.
Any other business, such as Hardy store (experiential learning), etc.
Amazon link does it work.

Done at 7:59

Thank you to new parents! And we need a CPA to help do the Hardy taxes.
Next meeting is on October 6.
Meeting adjorned at: 7:59