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Tuesday, June 7, 2016 in the school library
Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!
Presidents: Cedrine Bell
Treasury: Lee Powers
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans
Communications: Jill Swilling
Meeting called to order by President Cedrine Bell at 6:40p
Attendance: There were 14. No guests in attendance.
Principal Report:
Principal can’t be here. 
Treasurer REPORT
Walk-a-thon – $2274, DVD/CD sales about $700
Event/Committee reports
Cedrine thanks and updates

Thank you to Field Day coordinators Vic and Michael. Shortened events so things moved along. Teacher feedback – in favor of shortened! No down time. In previous years too much down-time. Some kids liked the longer events. But overall – shortened good!
New bulletin board – watch for the special flyer sleeve. Easy advertising.
BBQ is coming along. Minimum amount of cake needed is 60+!! Start baking!!!!! Room parents please send out
Cedrine did not receive additional nominations for president, recording or corresponding secretary than the list below.
Cedrine –  I  propose a motion we vote in the list as a group since all executive committee members are running unopposed.
Stephanie – I second 2nd the motion.
Group votes – raised hands yes is the majority.

The three executive members are as follows:
President: Cedrine Bell
Treasurer: Lee Powers

Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Hodges
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans
​The Class VPs are as follows:
Kidergarten: Michelle Marshall + TBA
2 grade: Bonnie Walsh + TBA
3 grade: The curse continues for second year
4 grade: Pete Gast
5 grade: Katie Gareett and Melissa Jacobs

Event Volunteers for 2016-17 school year
>if no one is listed – the event is open for volunteer to chair it
5th – ice cream social – note this was on Sept 18, 2016
Harvestfest – Melissa Jacobs
Back to School Night
Book Fair
Hardy HoeDown
Movie night – Bonnie (2nd grade)
Teacher Appreciation
Literacy night – Melissa Jacobs
Beach Party
Harvestfest – Moya Charig
Kindergarten Tour time in spring
Next meeting is for executive committee in the summer! TBD
Meeting adjorned at: 7:08p