Hardy PTO March  Minutes 2016-17

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March 7, 2017 in the school library
Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!
Presidents: Cedrine Bell
Treasurer: Stephanie Hodge
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans
Community: Volunteer!!
Meeting called to order by President Cedrine Bell at 6:36
Attendance: There were 14 number of members in attendance. No guests in attendance.
Meeting called to order by President Cedrine Bell at XX
Attendance: There were XX number of members in attendance. No guests in attendance.
Principal Report: 6:35p
I don’t have a ton to say tonight. I gave a lot of information about the rebuild in last meeting. Just waiting for next steps from architect.
Prismatic Magic was a huge success. Singing along. Kids followed them out the door! Hour of Code went well. Amazing to the grow-ups to watch how much kids can do. Transition happened from 5th to 6th and they do more coding in 6th so nice segue.
In PD – Jenn Pierce and Mergantz did a writing presentation and everyone gave feedback. How to teach the writer and not fix the writer. Teach the craft. They tape themselves with something called a swivel. It’s a Bluetooth that follows the teacher and follows. (like a cop camera). That might be one of our asks in the future – we borrow our swivel. Swivl Personal Cameraman – Hands-Free Control with Wireless Mic for iOS Devices or Pocket Cameras ($600)
March is very busy and long. She is going to a leadership conference. Lots of PD.
Question: One of the first grade parents helped with hour of code. In conversation with teacher, they said we’d love to teach more STEM but we need to be more STEM-friendly.
KD: The classrooms are STEM-aligned in first grade. But maybe we need to integrate it into the classes. We haven’t had a ton of PD or training on a lot of the STEM though we have first grade kits.
Sliney: one of the kits is about weather. Experiment with rain. So we are sort of figuring it out as we go.
Aimee – Mindstorm kits with Thompson teacher was awesome.
Treasurer REPORT: 6:45
$35,000 in bank account
-anti-bully laser time ($900)
-$1100 Hardy grant (second grade bulletin board to display stuff)
-$          First grade leveled reading books
Money in
Silent Auction $7300 profit
Amazon Smile $45
Alternative Fundraiser to date $15040
$10K in teacher grades
A few have gone out already this year.
Grade 4 and 5 haven’t made any grant requests.
Redeeming our tax exempt status from past to present $1800
BBQ and Teacher Appreciation, Field Trips and Literacy
I was in awe of how much transportation costs.
Event process and reimbursement process: what events are worth it and have I gotten the best price?
Cedrine notes 6:50
Cedrine: Installing projectors in ceiling. The original bid is about $1500 but that includes projectors. She is
Thank yous—Cédrine
Thanks to Moya and hubby for the talent show. Tears! Eva with the hour of code was great. Thanks to Stephanie for prismatic magic. And thank you to Patsy for the auction. Principal had multiple events that night with her kids and couldn’t make it. And Joe was an awesome DJ.
Event/Committee reports
Silent Auction—Patsy O’Brien say thanks to Jaimie for enthusiasm!
Literacy Night Thursday March 23rd–Pete Gast & Marga Varea (4th grade event). That is pretty much set up. Sign up is on the way!
Spring Concert is March 31
Walkathon April— Terry Holt (1st grade event). April has a vacation in the middle of it and a concert on Friday. Weds/Thurs in last week seems to be the best time, The walk-a-thon is a fundraiser – get paid per lap. Maybe a color run! Maybe a dress up!
Green Team—Manisha Sharma. First project will be green school. I need someone who knows about gardens. Maybe the girl scout team can help. We have several ideas – like recycling markers. On March 8 is an all-city Green Team meeting. Hoping to know more about what to do and how to plan. Stay tuned and sign up!
Teacher Appreciation, May 1-5: Sarah and Annie are chairing the committee. Decorating doors, a luncheon, gifts. Perhaps a Hardy mug for each teacher?
Colonial Day : Wednesday May 17th.
Parents meeting Spring Concert March 31. 
Field Day Friday, May 26th–Vic Arthur and Michael Leen
BBQ June
Who will be a Hardy President for next year? Cedrine will be moving on to parent her senior in highschool. Someone needs to
Next meeting is on second Tuesday April 11
Meeting adjorned at: 7:54p