Hardy PTO April  Minutes 2016-17

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April 11, 2017 in the school library
Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!
Presidents: Cedrine Bell
Treasurer: Stephanie Hodge
Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans
Community: Volunteer!!

Principal Report: 6:37p
Green Team: The recycle project was well-loved by kids.  Textiles program – not sure if we won but we should have!
Second Grade: Kids in second grade had Japanese story teller. Nice program.
Anti Bullying Prismatic assembly – super feedback from kids and parents.
Also, the anti- bullying assembly and hour of code was recognized in district-wide newsletter. 
Professional Development recently concentrated on writing in the curriculum.
Treasurer REPORT: 6:43
Enrichment and grants
34K in account. Nice even-ness with income vs expenses.
We’ve spent what we’ve brought in which is nice as a non-profit. We’ve allocated well.
Rob Surette – an artist recognized by Oprah! He has a program for schools called Be Somebody  – that kids have the power inside to fulfill dreams. He speed paints while he does it. He donates one painting to school. First show is $1250. Second is $750.
The PTO voted on spending money for enrichment assembly. The Be Somebody is approved by PTO.
$191 – Kindergarten – needed 2 basketball hoops and four balls for recess. 
Spirit Wear $675 (1200 for year)
Video sales $60
Alt Fundraiser $16K
$1900 – Duck boats  fifth grade (yearly)
 $3600 –  Field trips
$3800 – Field trip transportation
The kindergarten field trip came up – different location.
This year, kids not going to beach but an Audubon location. Why not the beach?
KD answers: The beach doesn’t work for us because the grade sizes are so big now. The purpose of field trip is to look at a habitat. At the Audubon, they will have a curriculum from Audubon. And kindergarten has a lot of activities (new k kids, meetings, etc) . So this is designed to be less stressful for kids and teachers.
The Affiliate Amazon program. Close to getting this set-up again. We took down the links because we weren’t being synced to the correct program. Dan J is helping.
Another Chapter. Library got a check for $500 from our account. But she gets donations directly to PTO that is just for this AC. So not really ‘expense’.
$185 for new checks that will take us into next year. 
Stephanie is splitting the events between expenses (community) and fundraising (money-making). This way as the PTO moves forward, we can better manage expectations .
In the grant conversation Aimee  Miller asks for money for a Colonial Day program by  Annawon Weeden, who  lives with his mother’s Wampanaog community,  who shares his tribal culture. 

Pete proposes $500. Anne seconds a vote. PTO votes yes. Money approved for the third grade event on Colonial Day.
Cedrine notes  7:27
Thank you to Pete Gast, Michelle Marshal and other literacy night helpers!
Cedrine went to a townwide PTO meeting. Her debrief: Stratton, Bracket and Peirce were also in attendance. Heather Smith – Stratton ELL staffer – talked about how the community can better support ELL families. She is a liaison. Heather said some families need support because English skills aren’t up to parr – for example – filling out forms in English. Cedrine proposed a 30 minute once a month coffee at Hardy in the morning say on a Thursday or Friday? Heather would help to facilitate getting the word out to  ELL families.
KD says she would really like to bring back monthly coffees. And maybe every 3rd or 4th is a ELL one? KD had a Title 1 coffe recently. Maybe one about responsive classroom? 
Read-a-thon fundraiser at Brackett. They raised $23,000. Started on a Friday and kids get sponsored for reading time (not pages). Time spent! Parents were positive about it. Something to think about. They will share some of the organization details.
Hardy is doing great in terms of organization. We have a president! Some PTOs don’t. Overall, we looked really good in terms of raising and spending money. Other schools aren’t spending it.
For upcoming elections – need room parent coordinator. President, treasurer (two of each!). Plus VPs! And the communications/social person. Sarah E will send out an alert via backpack mail.
Events and Committees
Literacy night debrief. Pete says three year rotations is good. And maybe same books for 1st and 3rd. Dr. Suess, Mo Williems and Under the Stars are the rotations. If we could have arranged dinner that would have made people happy. But that is trickey.
Walk-a-thon. All done and ready to go. Selectman know and they will make sure the way is safe. An abutter letter. Plenty of bands. So we shouldn’t need cash. Volunteers needed! Celebrate me is a great idea and people are loving it.
Teacher Appreciation, May 1-5: Sarah and Annie are chairing the committee. Decorating doors, a luncheon, gifts. Perhaps a Hardy mug for each teacher?
Colonial Day : Wednesday May 17th.
Planning is underway to be a great program for third graders. While talking, KD mentioned that the history department is re-evaluating the curriculum with the goal of more inclusivity. The general sense from district is to remove costumes on Colonial Day.  

A couple of parents agreed that the curriculum skews to a singular colonial person experience. Other voices are not represented visually or historically. The Colonial Day committee this year voiced that they have purposefully planned a more inclusive and diverse day including posters showing a variety of people profiles including African American, Native American. One concern from district was the one room school house curriculum – given to schools by district. The script counters today’s message of kindness. Harsh conditions and dunce chair has scared kids in the past. And to what point. 

Colonial Committee may swap out one room teacher experience for maybe a quill lesson.  Several ideas floated around but the district hasn’t sent out formal “do and do not” lists. Until then, committee plans to continue organizing for the day. Expectation is that costumes may not be used as they were in years’ past. Waiting for guidance from district. 
Green Team: For the clothes drive, Manisha S  went to Good Will every day! 1,232 pounds in total. One day there was 600 pounds! Lots of Facebook updates. Next step, we need to get the kids involved. Garden clean up and planting – not sure of the mechanics. She needs a parent or parents volunteer. How to get the kids involved? Garden clean up might be a Girl Scout troop. 
Dallin school does a weekly club meet on Friday morning with activities and such. Brackett has activities that are parent led. Hardy team needs to figure out moving forward whether we want meetings or not. 
Garden clean up maybe a Spring CleanUp.
Field Day Friday, May 26th — Vic Arthur and Michael Leen
BBQ June – Sarah E asks about partnering with METCO Arlington. She is part of a METCO parent group and the program would like to have more outreach events. At that meeting Sarah E suggested partnering at the Hardy BBQ. The event could use a re-boot. And maybe this is a future idea – . setup, food, organization is the same every year but the theme is different. PTO likes the idea of METCO partnership. Sarah E will contact METCO Director and review a bunch of details: num
ber of people, can Hardy handle it, who attends, do they help with funds?  She will return with answers!
Next meeting is on Tuesday May 2.
Meeting adjorned at: 8:03p